Pressure Washing in Ventura County

For a new coat of paint to stick to an exterior surface, the exterior surface must be clean and free of any dirt or debris. Remember, the finished paint job is only as good as the surface on which it is painted! For that reason, 805 Painting pressure washes exterior surfaces at the beginning of a paint project to ensure your Ventura County home or building will be clean and ready for paint.

Not only does pressure washing remove dirt and debris, but many times the paint has broken down and there is a chalky residue on the surface that needs to be removed. If this chalk it not removed, the chalk will break down the new paint and many times the new paint will fail over time.

A pressure washer offers a quick and easy way to get the job done, but it can be tricky to use on siding. If you aren’t careful, the high water pressure makes it fairly easy to damage the siding or even cause water damage to the sheathing and wall cavities beneath the siding.


It can be a good idea to pressure wash your home annually. This makes your homes exterior look clean and new, plus it removes dirt and other contaminants that can cause premature damage to your paint.

Pressure washers can be very powerful, and can be dangerous if not used properly. 805 Painting also offers pressure washing services to homeowners and building owners.

So please remember, if live in Ventura County, and are thinking of painting your home, make sure you get your home pressure washed before starting to paint your Ventura County home.